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Escapade Sports teams up with All Black FC 

As a company, Escapade has always seen it as part of its corporate responsibility to support marginalized groups in society. So when All Black FC Co-founder KOYA Médard Privat reached out to them earlier this year, co-owner Christian Ross didn’t have to think twice about helping out. 

All Black FC were established in 2016 by football coaches Medard Koya and Daddy. What started out as a project to support African refugees in Hong Kong, has turned into an aspiring multi-cultural project. Over the last years, the club has grown into a much-needed platform for young players of all backgrounds, but particularly for local ethnic minority groups who often didn’t feel welcome at other local academies. Now All Black not only field a team in the Yau Yee League, where they won the 4th Division last year, but also has several youth teams. Some former players even signed professional contracts in the Hong Kong Premier League. 

Why this success? For most of these players, All Black FC is the only option to be a footballer in Hong Kong, as they can practice and compete regularly without having to worry about social or financial obstacles. However, to keep this important project up and running, they cannot do this on their own. 

As every year, All Black volunteers have been knocking on many doors to ask for support in any shape or form, but most of the time without even getting a response. 

When Escapade first heard about All Black’s story, it was immediately clear that this was a perfect match. Both organisations stand for ethnic diversity and genuinely care about people who are dealing with all sorts of hardships, especially refugees and asylum seekers.  Recently, Escapade even became one of the first signatories of the Racial Diversity and Inclusion Charter for Employers, which was initiated by the Equal Opportunity Commission in Hong Kong. 

With all this, Escapade are more than proud to team up with All Black FC, not only as the chest sponsor of the 2021/22 kit, but also as partners that want to help this project to succeed. In the coming months, the newsletter will include short episodes to introduce the people and passion behind All Black FC that has won over Escapade, in the hope more people and organisations will eventually join this journey. 

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