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‘The coaches are very passionate and always think positively’

Every month Escapade Sports will feature stories about All Black FC, a football club dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. This time we feature the story of Jack and his son Caspar, two local Hong Kongers who became important members of this multicultural community. 

In 2020, Caspar was looking for a new club to reignite his interest in football. He had played for several youth teams before, but until then the weekly training sessions haven't had a lasting impression on him. However, one day, out of coincidence, he and his father Jack came across a Facebook post by All Black FC, calling for a tryout for their U16 team. And this time, it seemed to be a perfect match. 

'We were really impressed by the training', Jack explains. 'The coaches are very passionate and always think positively, which also helps my son to maintain his interest in football.' 

But for both it is more than just a regular football club.

'We really like the multi-cultural environment and it's a great chance for a local kid to get in touch with ethnic minorities to clear up any prejudices. All Black also encourage their players to serve the community.' 

Both of them did just that last month, when they helped organizing the Community Diversity Cup on 26th December - a tournament that featured  32 youth teams and was jointly hosted by All Black FC and ESF. As partner and sponsor of All Black, Escapade were glad to support this initiative as well. 

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