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We proudly present: Goalkeeper Benil Limbu from Nepal

Every month Escapade Sports will feature stories about All Black FC, a community football club in Hong Kong dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. This time we would like to share the story of 18-year-old goalkeeper Benil Limbu.

A few years ago, doctors warned Benil he may never be able to play football again, but today the Nepalese youngster has become the backbone of the All Black team. His story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable difficulties is one that he shares with many of his teammates.

Benil started playing football at the age of six and always saw his calling in the position of the goalkeeper. “The most challenging thing of being a keeper is that the team depends on you. But I also love other people’s expression when they think they are scoring and I make a save”, he adds cheekily.

He joined All Black in 2018 after struggling with a serious ankle injury. “Before joining All Black I could barely run or walk”, Benil remembers. But the All Black coaches believed in him from day one. “They trusted me and gave me the chance to prove myself.”

For the Nepalese teenager All Black is more than just a football club. “All Black is not about what colour you are, what nationality you are, which language you speak. They give chances and opportunities to everyone and we see ourselves as a family.”

Benil still dreams of becoming a professional football player one day - and he definitely has the fighting spirit, determination, and support to make it come true.

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